Riôtel celebrates 20 years of existence

2017.08.01After operating hotels for several years in the Gaspe Peninsula under different brands, the Rioux family chooses, in January 1997, to establish the Riôtel Hospitality Group. The creation of Riôte...

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Habitat Construction celebrates 45 years of existence

2017.08.01In 1972… In its first 35 years of existence, Habitat Construction Matane (HCM) specializes itself in residential construction, with more than 800 single houses, apartments and condos all across ...

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About us

A Family Business Since 1958

Welcome to Groupe Bertrand-Rioux. Our family business, founded by M. Bertrand Rioux in 1958, is constantly looking for new talents, suppliers, professionals, partners and business opportunities.

Our team

François Rioux


fbrioux@rioux.ca418 562-5555 x555

Anne Dupéré

Executive Vice-President

adupere@rioux.ca418 562-5555 x558

Nathalie Blouin

Sales and Marketing Vice-President

nblouin@riotel.com418 562-5555 x531

Ginette Parent


gparent@riotel.com418 562-5555 x528

Karine Lebrun

Human Resources Director

klebrun@rioux.ca418 562-5555 x560

Henri Bernard

Operations Manager

Immeubles Bertrand Rioux

hbernard@rioux.ca418 562-5555 x556

Christian Morin

Operations Manager

Habitat Construction

cmorin@rioux.ca418 562-5555 x568

Marie-Frédérik Rioux

Business development collaborator

mfrioux@rioux.ca418-562-5555 poste 559

Andréanne Heppell

General Manager

Riôtel Percé

aheppell@riotel.com418 782-2166

Hélène Roy

General Manager

Riôtel Bonaventure

hroy@riotel.com418 534-3336

Pierre Letellier-Gagnon

General Manager

Riôtel Matane


Marie-Josée Ouellet

General Manager

Carré St-Jérôme

mjouellet@rioux.ca418 562-5533