On November 10th 2018, the Groupe Bertrand-Rioux celebrated its 60th anniversary with more than 240 people during their annual gala. Just like every year, they recognized the employees who have 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years of service in one of the Group’s divisions that are Le Carré St-Jérome, Les Immeubles Bertrand-Rioux, Habitat Construction and Riôtel Group. The company offered its employees a personalized gift, a gourmet dinner, a live band and more than 20 000$ in attendance presents with the help of their precious business partners. The Groupe Bertrand-Rioux thanks all of its collaborators who helped us grow and expand over the years. We also want to thank our employees for their loyalty, pride and devotion for the Group Bertrand-Rioux. THANK YOU!